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Instrument Calibration

Gas monitors are a very important piece of equipment on many job sites as they detect harmful substances in the air and alert the user when concentrations reach toxic levels. In order for a gas monitor to save lives, it must be able to accurately monitor the surrounding air. This is where calibration plays a vital role. Calibration keeps gas monitors accurate by applying a standard mixture of gases to a gas monitor, which resets the monitor's settings to the standard.

Verona Safety Supply recommends following all manufacturer specifications for recalibration. Often times, gas monitors need to be recalibrated annually or biannually. Verona Safety has all necessary equipment to recalibrate gas monitors from these top manufacturers: BW Instruments, MSA, Honeywell, and GMI.

Please call us toll free at 1-888-458-8624 or 608-273-3520 locally for a quote. Please note we can offer volume discounts and are able to work with non-typical or otherwise uncommon instrumentation.